How to create canned responses for outgoing emails using Gmail

How to create canned responses for outgoing emails using Gmail

This trick is useful if you regularly send emails with the same subject. This trick is suitable for lazy people, save a lot of time typing the message subject.


Instructions to turn on Canned Responses

Step 1: Click the gear icon⚙ at the top right corner of your Gmail inbox. Choose Settings (or quickly access the Gmail settings at the following link:

Step 2: The installation window opens, you select the Labs tab, then tick the Enable button in the Canned Responses section.

Step 3: Pull up to the top or bottom, then press Save Changes. You have successfully enabled the Canned Responses feature.


How to use Canned Response Feature

Step 1: Click COMPOSE to compose a new message. A new window opens, click the down arrow to the bottom right corner, choose a canned answer

Step 2: Now you will see a small window, enter the canned response you want to create in the frame and click OK.

Step 3: Now when you compose a new message has the same subject with the canned response you created, you click the down arrow button at the bottom right corner of the message pane, select Canned Response, the selected answers will be displayed. You choose the answer you want to insert in the Insert section (there are also other options such as create, delete)

Step 4: Results

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